This range is predominantly used by the construction industry but we also have had landscapers, football teams,anglers and cycle clubs hire these units.ideal for rentals of one week or more our cold wash (also availiable as hot wash unit upon request hirer to provide power supply)units provide a cost effective solution to your needs.

On-site portable toilets are vital for any long term project.Workers need clean hygienic facilities.Wether your project involves a big workforce in the middle of a bustling city or for a few workers in the back of beyond Perfect Portables are able to provide sanitary (site office and tool storage units too)solutions to your on-site problems.Providing on-site facilities improves the workers working conditions and also increases the work rate by fifteen minutes per worker per day there by reducing your overall costs.

These are an individual H.S.E compliant units with a 145 litre waste tank,a sink, anti-bacterial soap dispenser,paper towel dispenser,toilet roll holder. And the little extras we add such as mirror, coat hook and automated fresh air dispensers.Your rental fee is inclusive of weekly servicing.

The presence of toilets on-site indicates a reliable company and projects an image of professionalism, an attention to detail and care for the workforce and surrounding environment.